Durant le temps des fêtes, protégez votre animal de compagnie

During the Holiday Season, keep your pet safe

In our Halloween article, we warned you about certain dangers that your pet could encounter, such as swallowing candies. However, the latter isn’t the only holiday that might stress out your pet.

So many distractions … and hazards

The Holiday Season is a wonderful time of the year that includes a variety of traditions: gift exchanges, family meals, but also decorations. In the eyes of your pet, all those glittering and inviting objects that you take out of your boxes can quickly become dangerous toys.

Let’s take the example of your Christmas tree, that stands proudly in the middle of your living room with all its lights, garlands and suspended spheres. Curious, your dog or cat might be tempted to explore these new intruders a little closer, perhaps by nudging them or jumping onto them. Unfortunately, the Christmas tree could fall over, and a few spheres could burst into a hundred pieces. Just the latter could cause your pet quite a bit of harm. But that’s not taking into account the risk of electrocution via the Christmas lights, or choking on the garlands.Fortunately, several solutions do exist, such as fastening your Christmas tree to the ceiling, or replacing your Christmas spheres with wood or plastic decorations. You might even want to avoid hanging certain types of Christmas decorations on your tree. The key is to take your pet’s behaviour and personality into account (are they naturally mischievous or relatively laid back?) when you decorate your tree.


Did you know?

Just like humans, pets can sometimes eat too much food during the holidays. For example, offering foods that are too fatty to your pet might give rise to indigestion or pancreatitis. That’s why it’s advisable to give them treats that are especially designed for their needs. Of course, the latter should be offered occasionally and not replace your pet’s regular food.


Calm and safe family gatherings

If your pet prefers peace and quiet during the Holiday Season, it’s important to respect their inclination as much as possible to avoid stressing them needlessly. Let them have a room where they’ll be able to go rest by themselves and where your guests will be forbidden to enter.

Another important point: if you exchange gifts, put them under the Christmas tree at the very last minute. Accordingly, you’ll limit the risk that your pet might chew on the packaging or choke on the ribbons and doodads. In addition, when unwrapping your gifts, pick up and recycle all the wrappings immediately.


Did you know?🎄

If you opt for an authentic Christmas tree, you’ll have to be even more vigilant and ensure that your pet doesn’t drink the water at the base of the tree, especially if you’ve added any kind of preservatives. This stagnant water contains bacteria that could make your pet very very sick.


Notwithstanding the festive ambience, the arrival of guests, travelling or decorations can potentially have negative consequences on your pet’s health. Indeed, stress can have an impact upon their digestive system, thereby giving rise to soft stools, flatulence, vomiting, etc. Fortunately, your dog, your cat or your bird can benefit from supplements designed to reinforce their immune system. There even exist probiotic solutions to rebuild the intestinal flora of your dog or your cat.

Keep these tips in mind, and your pet will have a wonderful Christmas with their family. Don’t forget to take their particular needs into account, and above all... have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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