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  • Dental Care

    A simple and effective solution for healthy teeth and gums! Our no-brush formulas fight and prevent bad breath, plaque and tartar.

  • pre and probiotics

    Our probiotic formulas help prevent digestive disorders by promoting healthy intestinal flora. Increasing good bacterias keeps the bad ones in check!

  • Overall health and vitality

    Supplements that do more! Our wellness formulas ensure joint comfort, hairballs prevention, as well as the liveliness of your aging pet.

  • “Coco hurries to come and take his probiotics directly from the spoon before I have had time to put it in his dish”

    - Christine
  • “He barely sheds now! Our sweater used to be full of hair when cutting his claws, now there are only a few. I'm pleasantly surprised! I already gave him omega-3s and it didn't change anything. I recommend it!"

    - Lyne
  • “Thank you so much for this amazing product for my active old dog. I've seen a lot of changes in a very short time!"

    - Noemie, La Vysta Kennel