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À quoi servent les probiotiques pour animaux?

What are the benefits of probiotics for pets?

Did you know that almost 70% of your pet’s immune system is found in their digestive tract? Just like in humans, it is essential to take care of th...
Durant le temps des fêtes, protégez votre animal de compagnie

During the Holiday Season, keep your pet safe

In our Halloween article, we warned you about certain dangers that your pet could encounter, such as swallowing candies. However, the latter isn’t...
Pour l’Halloween, offrez un environnement sécurisant à votre compagnon

On Halloween, Provide Your Pet with a Safe Environment

  With its costumes, decorations, and candy, Halloween is a favourite holiday for many, children and adults alike. And yet the bustle and co...
Comment soulager les douleurs arthritiques de votre animal de compagnie?

How to Relieve Your Pet’s Arthritic Pain?

Did you know that September was Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada? Whatever time of the year it is, it’s never too late to discuss arthritis, a ...
5 astuces pour préparer votre animal de compagnie à votre retour à l’école ou au travail

5 Tips to Prepare Your Pet for Your Return to School or Work

During lockdown, pets could enjoy your continuous presence. With your return to school or work, however, your pets may feel great distress, especi...
3 conseils pour assurer une bonne santé à votre poulain

3 Tips To Ensure Your Foal’s Good Health

The birth of a foal is a long-awaited moment. After all, you waited eleven months to finally see your mare deliver. Will the newborn become a race...
5 astuces faciles pour administrer des suppléments à votre chien

5 easy tricks to get your dog to have their supplements

Do you give your dog supplements to improve their health? Here are a few tricks that you can use every day to liven up the experience with our pro...
5 astuces pour ramasser moins de poils quand votre chien mue

5 Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding

"My dog is losing a lot of hair. Is that normal? What is seasonal shedding, exactly? What can I do to keep my dog from shedding or, if that's not...
3 façons de prendre soin de votre oiseau qui mue

3 Ways to Take Care of a Bird That is Moulting

Your bird is losing feathers and you’re wondering if you should be worried? Although a loss of feathers can sometimes be a sign of stress, or a h...
6 astuces qui tombent pile-poil pour minimiser la mue de votre chat

6 Ways to Reduce Your Cat's Shedding

It’s on your floors, your clothes, your furniture, your hands and in every nook and cranny… cat hair, not to mention hairballs! Picking up pet hai...
Les dangers d’une mauvaise hygiène dentaire chez le chien et le chat

The dangers of poor dental hygiene in dogs and cats

Why clean my dog or cat's teeth? Do you know the serious risks associated with poor dental health for your pet? The problems caused can be seri...
Pourquoi et comment donner de l'argile à son perroquet

How and Why to Give Clay to Your Parrot

Montmorillonite is a clay from the Montmorillon region of France. Known for its quality and health benefits, it has several uses in aviculture (raising of birds and poultry).