Aidez votre chien vieillissant avec le supplément 3 en 1

3-in-1 Solution for dogs

When we plan to adopt a dog, it’s normal to take the management of their senior years into account. So on looking closely at the conversion curve for a dog’s age in human terms, we are stunned to see how quickly age creeps up on them!

With dogs, as with humans, preventive care can ensure a serene aging process. A healthy lifestyle&mdashexercise, healthy nutrition, adequate supplements&mdashmakes a difference on the effects and experience of aging.

Aging is a gradual and irreversible process that entails the slowing down and eventual failure of several biological functions. Joint pains and metabolic problems, whether serious or benign, are all manifestations of the ravages of time.

The best prevention begins well before reaching old age.

Adding 3-in-1 Solution for dogs to your pet’s diet gives him the means to maintain good joint health and mobility. You are also giving your canine companion the best chance at good intestinal health and a strengthened immune system.

A simple habit can make a difference!


The Q10 (CoQ10) coenzyme

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ 10) is essential for mitochondrial synthesis of energy; it acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps fight aging and maintain optimal organ function, particularly with respect to the heart and liver. CoQ10 also supports immune functions, gastrointestinal health, and enables adequate oxygenation. This coenzyme, produced naturally in the body, becomes gradually scarcer during the aging process. That is why its addition to your dog’s diet can be of considerable help in harmoniously transitioning through the stages of life.

CoQ10 exists in several forms, including Ubiquinol, which we have incorporated into3-in-1 Solution for dogs Formula, because it is the form best metabolized by dogs and thus made immediately available.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is another prime ingredient that the body produces naturally but whose production slows down with age, leading to deterioration of connective tissues. It is a strategic component of these connective tissues, which one finds in skin, bone, cartilage, synovial liquid, ligaments, tendons, and more. It enables the capture of water, which protects, hydrates, contributes to nutrition, and lubricates joints and muscles. It also helps synthesize collagen and elastin and thus helps preserve tissue elasticity. It is another choice ingredient for protecting joints, delaying the wear and tear of cartilage, while incidently reducing inflammation and pain.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

With dogs (as with human beings, in fact), a good immune system depends largely on the presence of a healthy community of good gut bacteria. Giving dogs prebiotics and probiotics specifically adapted to their biology nourishes and strengthensthe colony of good bacteria.

Prebiotics and probiotics help:

  • assimilate the dog’s daily food;
  • reduce the effects of stress; and
  • optimize cell renewal.

This will contribute to the dog’s overall happiness as well as the owner’s, who has to pick up after it! ur dog’s happiness as well as you.

We recommend preventive care with 3-in-1 Solution for dogs starting in adulthood.

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