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Baci+ is a family company made up of two devoted teams working in perfect synergy toward the same goal: overall animal health. Our employees, who have their own much-loved furry or feathered companions at home, understand how important this unique relationship is for each customer.

A team that takes
animal  health to heart 

AlterEgo, is the heart by which baci+ beats. Our expertise, acquired by consulting hundreds of pet owners, breeders and specialists, gives our team extensive knowledge of what companion animals need and the best care and most effective products to ensure that they live long, healthy lives.

Christian Dubé
President, Développement AlterEgo

A team that always tête
animal  well-being in mind

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, the INTERBIOS team is the brain that pushes the limits of what is possible for Baci+. It is always innovating in the field of applied biotechnology, developing specific products to ensure the well-being of animals, with the greatest respect for scientific principles and the laws of nature.

Richard Turmel
President, Interbios

“We help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.”



The strains of beneficial bacteria we use are approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).


Only the best quality for your best friend!

Baci+ food supplement are specially formulated to take care of your pets’ health, simply and effectively.

• Top-quality ingredients
• 100 %  natural
• No fillers


Biologically safe
Optimally efficient
Tested with confidence on our own pets


Proudly developed and made in Quebec


Baci+ est fièrement développée au Canada


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