Frequently Asked Questions

  • All our products are developed and produced in our facility located in Beloeil, Québec, Canada.

  • Please refer to our delivery policy for all questions related to delivery.

  • Yes, our products are available in more than 700 retailers across Canada.

    You can find the retailer who is closest to you, by using our store locator.

    If you are unable to find our products on the shelves of your neighbourhood pet shop, simply talk to any employee who works there and place a special order, and we’ll gladly deliver what you need directly to the store and this, free-of-charge.

  • Our distributor in the Province of Quebec is Yamas 1 (800) 463-1113

    If you don’t do business with Yamas, you can buy our products directly from us.

    Please contact us to open an account:

    (450) 339-3757

  • Breeders (and professionals such as dog trainers, canine athletes etc.) are at the very heart of baci+.

    To take advantage of exclusive prices and products, please submit a request to become a certified baci+ breeder or professional using the following form.

Questions about probiotics
  • There’s no danger in doing so, but they are not very effective.

    These bacteria are not adapted for animal use and the results are either lacking or short-lived; the stomach of carnivores is highly acidic, which destroys many pre/probiotics.

  • These bacteria are adapted for growth in dairy products, not in an animal’s gut;
    To get the most efficacious results with probiotics, one must use products containing bacteria specific to the species (all our bacterial cultures are animal-specific);

    Many scientific studies agree that gastric acidity in a carnivore stomach can destroy up to 90% of the benefits during absorption.

    Dogs and cats are often lactose intolerant because they don’t have many of the lactase enzymes required for the digestion of lactose. (Yogurt = dairy product = lactose)

  • No, because these are viable microorganisms—100% natural and cannot have negative side-effects.

  • Absolutely! Probiotics have several beneficial effects on the overall health of one’s pet: it reinforces their immune system, decreases the presence of bad bacteria in their intestinal flora, regularizes their stools and flatulence, maximizes the absorption of nutrients and the benefits of what they eat. As a preventative measure, serve the recommended portion of probio+ three times a week.

  • Yes! Our probiotics do not contain any proteins, preservatives or fillers. probio+ only contains prebiotic fibre and bacteria (probiotics).

  • Yes! probio+ maintains its effectiveness even when frozen (but only once). Please note that probiotics cannot be cooked.

  • Most pets adore the taste of probiotics! The bacteria gives off smells that are familiar to animals.

Questions about buco+
  • To achieve maximum results, we recommend using it for 56 consecutive days at the rate of one small bag per day. After 56 days, use it twice a week, in order to maintain the results that have been achieved.

    Since the number of days required to eliminate tartar depends on each animal, it may be necessary to use buco+ daily beyond 56 days. It is completely safe and recommended to do so.

  • Mix in buco+ using half of a packet per meal.

  • Yes! buco+ can be added to raw or wet food without any problems. In order to ensure the product's effectiveness, make sure that you properly mix the powder into your pet’s meal with a fork in order to avoid having only the powder sitting there on top.

  • No, buco+ cannot be used in water.

  • Immediately. Mix it in with their remaining daily portion.

  • No. buco+ is a 100% natural safe product, with no after taste.

  • Store it in a cool and dry place. Don’t put it in the refrigerator.

For additional information on buco+, visit the product page. More FAQs are available at the bottom of the page.

Question about our hairballs treatment
  • Our product is balanced and natural, without any petroleum by-products. Our treatment for hairballs is produced with cold-pressed linseed oil, omega-3•6•9, egg yolks, digestive enzymes and vitamin E. Discover the complete list of the benefits of the foregoing ingredients here.

  • You’ll notice an improvement after seven days. This format is used for 90 days. Give one gram per day of the product to your pet for seven days. After that, give your pet one gram once or twice a week, to keep their fur smooth and healthy.

  • Simply turn the wheel at the base of the syringe to the left one notch to squeeze 1 gram of paste out of the tube. Each notch represents 1 gram.

  • If your cat is picky, we recommend putting the paste directly on your finger, on your cat’s paw or in their food. Because this product is natural, it won’t alter the food. Eventually, your cat may be enticed to lick the product directly from the syringe.

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