Aidez votre chat vieillissant avec le supplément 3 en 1

3-in-1 Solution for cats

Looking closely at the conversion curves for an animal’s age in human terms, one notices that cats do not age as fast as dogs. While the first symptoms of aging in dogs are articular failures, with cats the first signs rather show up in the area of the glands and internal organs.

With cats, as with humans, prevention through a healthy lifestyle can make a difference on the felt effects of aging and ensure tranquility in the subject’s twilight years.

Aging is an irreversible and gradual process that leads to the slowing and eventual breakdown of several biological functions.

The best preventions should begin before the onset of the golden years.

With3-in-1 Solution for catsfor cats you are offering your feline companion a regular intake of antioxidants, good intestinal health, and a fortified immune system.

A simple habit that can make a difference!



Resveratrol is present in the form of 99% microsized Trans-Resveratrol, an active and biological organic form readily available upon assimilation. It is a powerful phenolic antioxidant found mainly in grapes and red wine that also has anti-inflammatory qualities and is antiproliferative with respect to free radicals. 

Its effects include the following:

  • It stimulates the SIRT1 enzyme. SIRT1 enzymes “deactivate” certain age-inducing genes, such as those involved in inflammation, the synthesis and storage of fat, and glycaemia management. Resveratrol plays a role in the sensation of satiety and regulative effects on weight.
  • It has a powerful antioxidant effect, with a high ORAC value, which refers to the antioxidant capacity of foods. This means that Resveratrol acts against free radicals produced in the organism by absorbing them and thus providing good protection against oxidative stress, cell deterioration, premature aging, and the development of certain diseases.
  • It stimulates cellular mitochondrial activity (energy): present in all cells of the body, the mitochondria are in a sense the cell’s “energy factory.” As we age, unfortunately, their effectiveness diminishes and a general lowering of vitality ensues. Resveratrol stimulates the activity of these mitochondria and increases the amount of available energy.

The addition of highly available Resveratrol to your cat’s diet,

  • will delay the symptoms of aging;
  • will have a favorable effect on its metabolism and general vitality;
  • will ensure its neurological health: Resveratrol helps protect the brain from oxidative stress (senescence);
  • will be advantageous to the health of its coat and hair;
  • will enable the cat to reach and maintain a healthy weight: Resveratrol activates the SIRT1 enzyme, a sirtuin that intervenes in the process and sensation of satiation;
  • will ensure better UV photoprotection, which is pretty useful when you’re a naked cat

Hyaluronic Acid

We know that good hydration is essential to a healthy cat, and thus something to watch for. Hyaluronic acid is particularly relevant in this respect. It helps retain water, which protects, hydrates, contributes to nutrition, and, incidentally, lubricates joints and muscles. It is produced naturally by the body, but diminishes with age, leading to the deterioration of connective tissues. It is a strategic component found, among other places, in skin, in bones, in cartilage, in synovial fluid, and in ligaments and tendons. It contributes to the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus helping to preserve tissue elasticity. It is another choice ingredient to protect your cat from wear and tear and reduce the occurrence of inflammation and pain.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Because a large part of the immune system is in the gut, a healthy and balanced immune response will depend on a strong community of beneficial bacteria. The addition of prebiotics and probiotics specifically adapted to cats reinforces and nourishes the colony of good bacteria.

Prebiotics and probiotics help:

  • assimilate the cat’s -- daily food;
  • reduce the effects of stress: and
  • optimize cell renewal.

This will contribute to the overall happiness of the aging cat whose life you share!

We recommend preventive care with 3-in-1 Solution for cats starting in adult hood.

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