Mobility problem in our 10-year-old Beijinger

I have been breeding dogs for close to 25 years. One of our older Pekingese “Rudy”, aged 10, was experiencing some serious mobility issues and we were quite concerned given that many of our Pekingese have lived a very normal and healthy life well into ages of thirteen and fourteen. We met Christian at a dog show through a mutual friend and He suggested that we try the Baci+ 3 in 1 supplement. We did try it and the results have been extraordinary. Within a few weeks we noticed an increased spring in our Rudy’s step, much less stiffness and little or no signs of discomfort. The taste is not a problem either, we simply sprinkle on top of the food and Rudy eats it up, we actually feel that the taste has given him an increased appetite. Congratulations to Baci+ for this winning formula and continued success to your team.

- Robert Denis

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