The story of Bingo, my yellow-crowned amazon parrot


Hello. I want to tell you about Bingo, my yellow-crowned amazon.

In July of 2018, Bingo wasn’t feeling well, so I scheduled a vet visit. After several tests and a much lighter wallet, we had a diagnosis: Bingo had an infection and her gram stain test results were a disaster. Zero gram-positive bacteria, only gram-negative bacteria.

Me: Is she going to die, Doctor? Vet: Do you give her baci+?.

(Me: No, I don’t give her anything. I’ve had some at home for a while, but I hesitate to give it to her because I don’t think it will do much good since she has a good diet. (old-school thinking)

Vet: Well, you’ll have to give her some.

Recommended treatment: antibiotics and baci+.

After administering both products according to medical directions and bringing Bingo to the bird vet for regular follow-ups and to test her droppings, Bingo was finally declared healed and her gram stain test was perfect.

I have to admit that Christian was right and that we should give baci+ to our birds on a regular basis for prevention and to maintain their intestinal flora.

Thank you, baci+!

Ninon Blanchette

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