5 astuces faciles pour administrer des suppléments à votre chien

5 easy tricks to get your dog to have their supplements

Entête 5 astuces baci+

Do you give your dog supplements to improve their health? Here are a few tricks that you can use every day to liven up the experience with our products. Have fun!

Tip 1: Shake’n Bake

This first trick can be used for any supplement that comes in powder form. 

Shake n Bake 5 trucs baci+

It’s quite simple! Put the total daily portion of food that you’d normally give to your pet in a plastic resealable bag, like a Ziploc bag. Then add the recommended daily dose of the supplement to the resealable bag. If you’re giving your pet several supplements, repeat this action for each one of them. N.B. the dose will vary depending upon the pet's weight

To complete the operation, close the bag and seal it, then shake it well to mix everything together. Whether you feed your pet only once or twice a day, this tip will work perfectly. As a second option, divide the contents of the bag into two portions, and serve each one at your pet’s customary meal times. 

In addition to making it easier for the product to be ingested, this trick optimizes the supplement's action by distributing it uniformly in your pet’s food. This is especially important when it comes to oral health products, which provide their benefits in a dog’s mouth when they chew the supplement. 

It’s also an excellent trick when you’re having someone take care of your pet. This technique enables you to make it easier for the person taking care of your pet, but especially, it will ensure that the supplement doses will be right and will be given properly. This approach can be used without interruption and without error, and you’ll be able to leave your pet with someone else and enjoy peace of mind. 

Tip 2: The baci+ calendar

Often, in our daily routines, we use calendars to remind us of certain dates or important events. Well, here’s the perfect calendar for your pet! 

Calendrier pour les 5 trucs

It’s not uncommon to use several food supplements to improve various aspects of the health of one’s pet. We offer a variety of products that address different health conditions and issues. For example, oral care products could be combined with a product to help your pet age well and probiotics to promote intestinal health.

With divergent frequencies and different dosages, one can easily lose track of what has been done and what needs to be done. That’s why we’ve created the baci+ fun calendar! With this very simple tool, you can make sure that you’re giving your pet the right quantities at the right time, and thus, achieving the desired results!

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Tip 3: probio+ dog iced treats

All pet probiotics can be converted into cute little iced treats! Dogs love this refreshing and fun routine for taking their food supplements. Here’s one of our best doggie recipes:

🧡 Probiotic pumpkin iced treats

Dogs love the taste of pumpkin, and as a bonus, it’s excellent for their digestive system, thanks to its high level of fibre content. Here’s a really simple recipe that you could try!


Gâteries à la citrouille 5 trucs_baci+

  • 1 cup of pumpkin purée (sold in grocery stores; not to be confused with pumpkin pie filling that contains sugar)
  • 1 tblsp of coconut oil, melted
  • 2 to 3 small bags of probio+ dog probiotics


  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. 
  2. Transfer the mix into moulds, or an ice cube tray. 
  3. Put it into the freezer for 2 hours or more. 
  4. Keep the treats in a hermetically sealed container in the freezer until it’s time serve them… and there you go!


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Tip 4: A nice special spot

Our fourth trick involves arranging a clearly visible handy spot to store your food supplements, so that you’ll never forget them! 

Coin spécial 5 trucs

All our products can be kept at room temperature without losing their effectiveness, which is very practical. 

Put them close to your baci+ calendar (downloadable above) on a nice tray or perhaps in a decorative basket, to liven up your decor! A delightful way to refresh your memory!

Food supplements for your pet will improve their health, help them lead better lives, live older and be much happier. For optimal effectiveness, it’s important to give them regularly, in accordance with the instructions for use or recommendations from your baci+ consultant. We all really care about our pets’ health, so let’s not neglect the key role that supplements can play!

Tip 5: Taking fun supplements

There are several ways to integrate food supplements into your pet’s routine. We’ve already described how to evenly mix them into your dog’s daily food intake (tip 1), which is the foundation. We’ve also talked about iced treats that are perfect in the summer, or on special occasions (tip 3). 

It’s also quite simple to incorporate supplements into their play routines! Interactive toys can keep your dog busy and entertained for quite a while, and enable them to expend energy in a healthy way. Here’s another appealing recipe that can be inserted into a hollow ball conceived precisely for these purposes.

🔴 Coconut and probio+ dog KONG 

Kong probiotiques 5 trucs baci+

(raw food or pâtée version)

  • Raw food or pâtée for dogs
  • 1 small bag of probio+ dog probiotics
  • About 1 tblsp of coconut oil

    (feed version)

    • Dog feed
    • 1 small bag of probio+ dog probiotics
    • Sufficient pumpkin purée to thoroughly coat the feed (sold in grocery stores; not to be confused with pumpkin pie filling that contains sugar)
    • About 1 tblsp of coconut oil


    1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, except for the coconut oil.
    2. Fill the toy with the mix.
    3. Cover the toy with coconut oil.
    4. Put the toy into the freezer for about 2 hours or more… and then serve it!

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    Give your pet the gift of better health, and have fun doing so

    Baci+ food supplements are conceived and manufactured in Canada. They are made with top quality ingredients that are 100% natural, they contain no OGMs, no fillers or artificial flavourings so as to not distort your pet’s food consumption. 

    Did you know that you can call us for advice and tips? To find out the best way to meet your pet’s needs, and to take their particular situation, conditions and health status into account, please contact-us! We’d be honoured to recommend the best supplements for your pet and a customized routine for making use of them.

    Supplements can be reliably integrated into your pet’s routine! OK, which trick are you going to try this afternoon?

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