My experience with buco+ and probio+

I started using two products (buco+ oral health and probio+ probiotics) 25 days ago. I have a small animal-rearing business and the change I’ve seen...

The story of Bingo, my yellow-crowned amazon parrot


Hello. I want to tell you about Bingo, my yellow-crowned amazon. In July of 2018, Bingo wasn’t feeling well, so I scheduled a vet visit. After several tests and a much lighter wallet,...

No more watery diarrhea for your puppies during vaccinations

Hello, I breed Golden doodles in Estrie. A few years ago, I met you at a trade show and bought 5 tubes of bb flora for my puppies and adult do...

We love probiotics

I bought Baci probiotics for my 16-year-old dog; she had been taking it for some time, but with age her metabolism changes and she needs the help that probiotics give her: her veterinarian advised me to give her once a day, which keeps her in a pretty exceptional shape for his age