Pour les problèmes digestifs de nos compagnons à quatre pattes : une solution en deux étapes

Solving the digestive problems of our four-legged friends: A two-step solution

Here is a carefully-designed product to help you manage emergencies in stressful times! We recommend that you always keep Solutions Probio handy because it is an effective ally when your pets are suddenly struck with digestive and bowel problems. Solutions Probio is a simple answer to your animal’s digestive ills. Get your pet feeling better in two distinct steps thanks to two powerful products. The first will quickly stamp out your animal’s problem while the second will ensure a healthy recovery. 


Step 1: Quick recovery!!

Solutions Probio for dogs (step 1): Vivoflora, eight 1-g single-dose packets

Vivoflora must be given twice a day (morning and evening) for two days, mixed with your pet’s food. It differs from other support products because it contains special prebiotics that protect gastrointestinal health by inhibiting and reducing the risk of the gut being colonized by pathogenic bacteria. Vivoflora favours an effective return to balanced and smoothly functioning bacterial flora.

Solutions Probio for cats (step 1): Solutions probio for cats, 15-g syringe in 15 single-dose units

Give twice a day for two days. Solution probio for cats is based on the same principle as Vivoflora for dogs, but adapted to felines. It comes as a paste administered by syringe, because a sick cat is likely to turn down food and will need a little coaxing to restore its intestinal health.

Step 2: Support recovery and good gastrointestinal health. 

This step will keep your pet on the path to recovery by optimizing the benefits of your dog’s or cat’s daily food intake and by strengthening your companion’s natural defenses.

For dogs: probio+, six 1-g single-dose packets 
After step 1, give your dog either one packet (for dogs weighing 5 kg or less) or two packets (for dogs weighing more than 5 kg) per day for 5 to 7 days. Then move on to the preventive stage by administering the product mixed with food twice a week. Keep at room temperature.

For cats: Continue giving the Solutions probio syringe


After step 1 (on the third day of treatment), serve the dose recommended for your cat’s weight once a day for three days. Mix the contents of the syringe directly with your cat’s food. Keep at room temperature.

PREVENTION: After completing the treatment, you can easily continue giving Probio+ two or three times a week as prevention. We offer formats adapted for preventive care.



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