Les boules de poils : un phénomène normal et naturel qui requiert prévention et vigilance

Hairballs: a normal and natural phenomenon that requires prevention and vigilance

Chat boule de poil

Your cat spends a good part of the day grooming. His tongue acts as a comb. Factors such as breed (long hair), a sedentary lifestyle and a dry diet will cause an overload of dead and stagnant hairs in the digestive tract. This overload causes, in the short or medium term, disturbances that can lead to regurgitation, constipation and vomiting, and, in the most severe cases, intestinal obstruction, requiring surgery.

There are several recommendations to be used concurrently to reduce these symptoms. They aim at reducing the effect of continual moulting and, incidentally, the excessive loss of hair, to facilitate the stimulation of the digestive transit to cause the evacuation of hairballs, and this, with the least adverse effects for the cat. and for you. The measures recommended to achieve these goals, however, are not always without inconvenience or undesirable side effects.

  1. Frequent brushing to reduce the ingestion of dead hair requires consistency and especially a cooperative twink.
  2. Fresh catnip, the fiber of which will help your cat regurgitate accumulated hair, may give the expected results where you would not normally want it: your beautiful Persian rug or pillow that gives it so much comfort…
  3. The laxative paste that helps the hair to pass through the gut and needs to be given on a regular basis can produce an unwanted side effect, making your cat's intestine lazy.
  4. The addition of fiber included in specialized food will often be at the expense of good proteins, which must be the main ingredients of the food of your cat, a strict carnivore.
  5. Some home remedies are to be avoided resolutely: the oil gel can, if given in good quantity, neutralize the absorption of vitamin A.
  6. Mineral oil can lead to pneumonia if it is breathed by the twink, which is difficult to avoid when you have to fight a little to make him eat1.
  7. Too much rich cod liver oil quickly causes excessive intake of vitamins A and D32.

  • Baci + wellness 3 • 6 • 9 balls of hair offers you a solution allowing, with a single nutritious product elaborated with healthy and effective ingredients, to reach the objectives of many of the preventive measures mentioned above, while avoiding the disadvantages that these generate. Thus, our balanced and natural formula, clinically proven:
  • Bring a silky and healthy coat, and reduce the loss of hair by the intake of good omega fats, vitamins, including vitamins E (antioxidants), minerals and proteins, all vectors of good health for your feline. The ingredients that contain them have been selected for their high quality;
  • Prevents the excessive formation of hairballs by causing the constant evacuation of these by the effect of digestive enzymes and fibers. The hairs consist of keratin, an insoluble fibrous protein. Cellulase and Protease are natural enzymes in Baci + wellness 3 • 6 • 9 hairballs that will aid digestion of the fibrous protein;
  • Easy to administer and dose using our syringe, a definite advantage when the patient is an uncooperative twink!


  • Give 1 g per day for a period of 7 days.
  • Afterwards, give 1 or 2 times a week 1 g to maintain a silky and healthy coat.
  • Mix with food or apply on its front legs or on the tip of its muzzle.
  • Make sure to leave water available to your cat

At Baci +, we advocate the prevention of hairballs for all cats six months old and over!

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