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Chaton et Chiot Baci+

10 Good Reasons to Give Baci+ Prebiotic and Probiotic Formula as a Prevention Measure

Food, changes in routine, vaccinations, toxins in the environment, and stress are all lifestyle-related causes that can alter the delicate balance of good bacteria at work in the intestinal transit of your pet. A slight imbalance can impact 70% of its immune system.

Cinq (5) notions fondamentales sur les prébiotiques et probiotiques destinés à nos animaux de compagnie

5 basic notions about prebiotics and probiotics for pets

Many scientific studies show that the daily inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics in our pets’ food is immensely beneficial to their health. Indeed, our animal companions’ domestication creates conditions very different from those innate to their species and the addition of prebiotic and probiotic solutions can help considerably in alleviating the deficiencies induced by adaptation to our lifestyles. Let’s have a closer look at these important factors in our pet’s health.

bbflora, les chats l'adorent

bbflora, cats love it!

Cats love the bbflora paste. See it in video here! 

Qu’est-ce que les prébiotiques et les probiotiques

What are Prebiotics and Probiotics ?

In the last few years , many new products have appeared on the market claiming to improve the digestive health of humans and animals alike. With so many to choose from, it may be difficult for consumers to choose the best product for their needs.