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100% Canadian
No aftertaste, no added flavours
No fillers

Vitality | Residential hens

Vitality | Residential hens

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For residential chicks and hens | all ages


For chickens in great health, active and feeling good in their skin (and feathers).


A safe, natural way to strengthen the immune system when antibiotics are not desired.


Powder formula - 100 g 
(Good for approximately 48 weeks of use, for 1 hen)

100% Canadian
No aftertaste, no added flavours
No fillers
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  • For chickens at their best, naturally


    Specifically formulated for chicks and hens to :

    - Boost energy

    - Encourage greater water consumption

    - Improve muscle and nerve function

    - Strengthen the immune system

    - Stimulate appetite in periods of stress


    Excellent source of :

    - Oregano

    - Sage

    - Rosemary

    - Cinnamon

    - Essential oils


  • Natural and balanced formula


    The baci+ difference : 

    - Top-quality functional ingredients

    - No fillers  

    - Uses microbiology and herbalism principles


    - Effective product with clinically proven results

    - Ethically tested

    - 100% natural

    - GMO-free

    - Quick-acting

    - Easy to measure dosage and to administer

    - Safe

    - No aftertaste, no artificial flavours (does not affect your animal’s food consumption)


Salt, Citric acid, Maltodextrin, Extracts of oregano, rosemary, sage and cinnamon, Natural flavourings.


Veterinary Health Product NN.M3K4


Guaranteed analysis per gram:

- Salt: 56.1% (min.), 56.6 % (max.)

- Citric acid: 30%

- Oregano: 8%

- Rosemary: less than 1%

- Sage: less than 1%


Shake well before using. Mix 1 g per 250 ml of drinking water, per chicken. Change water daily.

For optimal results, serve 2 times a week.


 Note that hens need to drink around 250 ml of water per day. 


- Keep at room temperature, in a dry place.

- Close the container immediately after use.

- Avoid contaminating the product.

- Not intended for agricultural or commercial use.


All baci+ products are safe to use together, for optimal overall health.

effective, synergistic ingredients


- Encourages food and water consumption

- Improves muscle, nerve and immune function


Citric acid:

- Organic acidifier that reduces the growth of many undesirable intestinal bacteria

- Reduces the gastric mucosa’s inflammatory response



- Acts as a powerful anti-infective, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic and antifungal

- Clears the respiratory system

- Strengthens the immune system

- Fights asthenia (fatigue and weakness)



- Acts as a powerful antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

- Clears the respiratory system

- Strengthens the immune system

- Supports the intestines and liver

- Stimulates appetite

- Contributes to healing

- Acts as a diuretic



- Thins mucus to aid with its evacuation

- Acts as a powerful antibacterial and antifungal



- Acts as a powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

- Strengthens the immune system

- Eases digestive problems

  • My chickens love it!

    " During the colder months, it’s good to give our hens supplements to help them adapt to our winter. For 2 years, I have been giving gallina+ Vitality. My chickens love it because I notice that they drink more the 2 times a week I dilute them in their water and they go out like it’s 25 degrees. ”

    - Rachel

  • I use vitality to help her adapt to climate change during the winter!

    " I frequently use gallina+ products for my 3 chickens. I've had them since they were chicks and offered probiotics from spring to fall to help them grow well with a good immune system. As soon as the cold comes and the days get shorter, I use vitality to adapt to temperature change to allow them to have enough energy for the cooler periods "

    - Joanie

  • My eggs have completely change!

    “After 2 months of using the hen booster, my eggs became much more solid and homogeneous!”

    - Isabelle