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Egg production and quality | Residential hens
Egg production and quality | Residential hens

gallina+ Hens Booster
Egg production and quality | Residential hens

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For residential chicks and hens | all ages


A small jar full of benefits, for both the hens and you! Improves hen health, optimizes egg production and nutritional quality while also reducing the chicken coop’s pollutant load


Synergistic and effective formula:

  • Increases egg homogeneity
  • Raises laying hens’ productivity
  • Helps make eggshells stronger and more elastic
  • Reduces eggshell microfissures
  • Increases the lutein content of the eggs
  • Produces egg yolks of a more vibrant colour
  • Facilitates digestion
  • Contributes to bone and muscle development
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces the amount of pollutants in the environment

Excellent source of:

  • Marigold
  • Omega-3
  • Vitamins A, B, C, D3, E
  • Enzymes


Powder formula
100 g (net weight)
(Good for 48 weeks of use, for 1 hen)




  • Top-quality functional ingredients
  • No fillers
  • Uses microbiology and herbalism principles
  • Probiotics selected specifically for chickens
  • Effective product with clinically proven results
  • Ethically tested

  • 100% natural
  • GMO-free
  • Easy to measure dosage and to administer
  • Safe
  • No aftertaste, no artificial flavours (does not affect your animal’s food consumption





    Salt and sodium

    • Encourage food and water consumption
    • Improve muscle, nerve and immune function
    • Increase egg production


          Enzymes (phytase):

          • Facilitate the digestive process and boost energy
          • Facilitate the digestive process and boost energy
          • Facilitate the digestive process and boost energy
          • Reduce the formation of microfissures
          • Facilitate the absorption of phosphorus and reduce the pollutant load



            • Prevent dehydration during extreme heat and other temperature-related stress


            Vitamin A:

            • Called the “growth vitamin,” vitamin A affects:
            • Embryo development
            • Fertility and egg development
            • The productivity of laying hens
            • The production of androgens and progesterone

            Vitamin D3:

            • An antirachitic vitamin, it increases the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the intestines, bones and kidneys
            • Contributes to bone and muscle development
            • Helps form strong eggshells

            Vitamin E:

            • Is made up of tocopherols, which act as an antioxidant
            • Influences fertility
            • Helps eggs hatch
            • Aids in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins


            B-complex vitamins:

            • Comprised of thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), pantothenic acid, niacin (B3), choline, cobalamin (B12), biotin (B8) and folic acid
            • Vital for egg production


            Ascorbic acid (vitamin C):

            • Nutritional factor important for laying hen productivity and egg quality



            • Increases the omega-3 content of the eggs



            • Significantly raises the lutein content of the eggs
            • Enhances the colour of the egg yolks
            • Is suitable for human consumption, namely for its protection against macular (visual) degeneration


                Shake well before using. Mix 1 g per 250 ml of drinking water, per chicken.

                For optimal results, serve 2 times a week.


                 Note that hens need to drink around 250 ml of water per day.


                GKeep at room temperature, in a dry place. Close the container immediately after use. Avoid contaminating the product.

                Not intended for agricultural or commercial use.

                All baci+ products are safe to use together, for optimal overall health.

                • Maltodextrin
                • Sodium bicarbonate
                • Salt
                • Aspergillus oryzæ fermentation extract
                • Potassium
                • Probiotics (dehydrated cultures of Bacillus subtilis and Lactobacillus acidophilus)
                • Ascorbic acid
                • Vitamin A
                • Niacin
                • Vitamin D3
                • Riboflavin
                • Vitamin E
                • Flaxseed meal
                • Thiamine hydrochloride
                • Vitamin B12
                • Tagetes (Aztec marigold)


                    Guaranteed analysis per gram:

                    • Salt: 14% (min.), 17% (max.)
                    • Sodium: 9.30% (min.)
                    • Potassium: 0.40%
                    • Vitamin A: 0.40%
                    • Vitamin D3: 40,700 IU per tsp.
                    • Vitamin E: 35 IU per tsp.
                    • Ascorbic acid: 129 mg per tsp.
                    • Phytase (Aspergillus oryzæ) : 1760 g hydrolysé par c. à thé
                    • Probiotics*: 7 x 108 CFUs

                      * Bacillus subtilis and Lactobacillus acidophilus