80% of dogs will suffer from joint pain. Here’s how to prevent it.

As a good dog owner, you certainly want the best for your dog.

You want him to stay healthy and keep his vitality for a long time to come.

The problem is that 80% of dogs over 8 years old (1) and 20% over only 1 year old are affected by joint pain caused by arthritis, dysplasia of the hips, elbows, etc.

If your dog is affected, he will eventually lose some of the energy he had before and his joints could start to hurt, without you even knowing it.

The signs of pain in animals are difficult to spot, because they cannot express it directly and tend to hide these signs of pain.

From experience, it can be very disturbing to see your dog suddenly have difficulty getting up or limping after an activity.

Often, when a dog begins to show these symptoms, he may have been in pain for many months before that.

At baci+, we believe that a dog should live healthy and without pain throughout his whole life.

We have personally helped more than x dog owners to prolong their privileged relationship with their animals with our tonus+ supplement, which helps with joint health, increases recovery and provides vitality.


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What are the signs to watch for?

It is difficult to recognize signs of arthritis in animals, as they are often mistakenly associated with the effects of aging. Also, because animals are very resistant to pain, they show few outward signs. That is why it takes a substantial period of observation to identify the signs that your pet may be suffering from arthritis:

-Less enthusiasm for the daily walk
-Walking more slowly
-Becoming tired more easily
-Not running for the ball anymore
-Stiffness felt in the paws
-Preferring to lie down rather than to stand or sit
-Having difficulty getting up
-Limping while moving about or having an altered gait
-Having difficulty climbing stairs
-Having difficulty jumping into the car or onto the sofa or bed
-Not jumping any more
-Less appetite
-Urinating outside the litter box
-Suffering from constipation
-Staying away from members of the family
-Running away when about to be brushed
-Having an aggressive behaviour when touched

If your pet is showing several of these signs, it’s recommended that you see a veterinarian, who could then confirm that it is arthritis or another health problem, like a ruptured cruciate knee ligament or an auto-immune disease.

4 tips to prevent your dog’s arthritis so that he lives healthy throughout his whole life.

1.Maintain a healthy weight

If your pet is overweight, it will cause additional stress on the joints. Your priority will then be to reduce the obesity of your companion. For this, it will be important to respect the recommendations on the daily amount of food, but also to limit the number of treats. Do not hesitate to inquire about additional tips for weight loss as well as maintaining a healthy weight for your pet. 

2. Exercise

The trick here is not to keep your dog or cat moving until they get exhausted. Indeed, we suggest rather the practice of moderate exercise, that is to say a training sufficient to burn energy without however causing damage to the joints. Swimming is the exercise par excellence, since it works the whole body while reducing the tension in the joints. If your pet does not know how to swim, he can nevertheless enjoy the benefits of this practice with a walk in shallow water. Walking on a leash or controlled running are also acceptable forms of exercise. 

3. Provide good nutrition

A good diet does more than help maintain a healthy weight in your pet. It also provides nutrients that play an essential role. Before making your choice of dry food, pay attention to the list of ingredients as well as the list of nutritional elements. 

4. Provide Supplements

If you're considering boosting your pet's diet, supplements can be an ideal solution. In addition, when these adopt a powder formula, they can be easily mixed with your pet's food, thus facilitating their administration. Whether your companion is young and active or older and sedentary, joint pain can be prevented with supplements that promote rapid recovery after exercise. tonus+ is a dietary supplement for dogs that helps with joint health, increases recovery and provides vitality.


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